Paths​/​/​Rend Split

by Paths

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these tracks are from a split with rend. physical copies coming soon.
their side can be found at:

paths is:
matt altieri (drums)
jonah ruecker (guitar)
jaclyn walsh (bass//vocals)

music by jonah, matt and jaclyn
lyrics by jaclyn

songs named with the help of gen cayford, team dresch, and tegan & sara


released December 21, 2014

recorded, mixed, and mastered by zach weeks.
album artwork and layout by jake schlehuber

thanks 2: zach, jacob, tyler, tori, kimberly, quinn, jen, hazel for being an angel, connor/andrew/sadie/everyone else who put us on shows, the folks in rend, andrea, and most importantly: BUFF GEN.




Paths Boston, Massachusetts

we are a band from just outside of boston, ma.
jonah- guitar
jaclyn- bass/vocals
matt- drums

get in touch with us:

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Track Name: Yes You Are Too, But Who Are You Really?
i’m not apathetic,
just done listening to yr side of things
take up space,
get in the way of change.
and every day it’s just the same shit
repackaged in a different way.

yr “edgy” jokes
aren’t original
it’s not “punk”
if it upholds the status quo.

friends are there for each other,
so i’ll be there to call you out.
we both know you can help it,
so why can’t you just be compassionate?
silence what makes you uncomfortable,
used to only what you can control.

yr controversial opinions
are just regurgitated bigotries
it’s not provocative;
you just uphold the status quo.


end "ironic" displays of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. just because you understand something is wrong doesn't mean you have a free pass to do it. yr either with us or yr not.
Track Name: Soil, Soil, Soil
disconnected, fallen out of touch
i focus on the elusive, not seeing much.
memories come and memories fade
forced isolation is wedged in the way.

erase sincere, take yr name out of it.
your progress kills,
so break nature down for it
can’t respect what was here to start with
reach out refused.

invent a game, invent the rules
make it up so yr sure to lose
make it up so you can’t connect
without false pretense and something to bet.

erase sincere, take yr name out of it
yr progress kills,
so break nature down for it
can’t respect what works for most of us
reach out refused.

what do you get when you put together
impossible standards and bullshit?
we operate just to survive the day
can’t stand my surroundings for being this way.
yr gonna lose.


this is about how competition/capitalist mentality/etc is bullshit. we've made everything a game, and in the process we've destroyed the environment and each other. when folks try to speak out against this all, it can be hard for them to find solidarity. support each other. end the game, don't hold yrself and the people around you to impossible standards, and make human connection. nothing else is real.